How It Got Started

What is it hat chills you out? For me, I feel is culinary. Actually I always loved food. But since I became a mummy Cuisine Tales turned out to be one of my passions. 
Cooking makes me feel so creative and calm at the same time ...I love facing my girls’ smile the moment they taste my Sunday beef 🥩 roast. 
I can’t wait to hear their “wow it’s yummy mum!!!” as they dive into my full of love prepared Saturday dessert 🧁  
Actually my daughters,  Electra and Despoina, made me love cooking so much ...I had a mission ... make my children happy and smiling with my cuisine tales as well ...Electra and Despoina inspired me to share my cuisine passion with you!!
Thank you so much my little princesses !!!
But thank You even more for being here!!!
I hope you enjoy reading my cuisine tales and all of the unique content I have to offer. 
Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what inspires you and what makes you smile ...
Read on and enjoy!